We're working hard to be a more sustianable resilient business. Cost is no longer the only factor to be taken into account when we talk about the supply chain.

We are going to work on innovation, through research and development of products and services that can improve routines, from the field to production. Also, look for materials that aim to avoid waste and give them second life.

We would like to build better products and better life via our sustainability plan.

What is PCR (post-consumer recycled) ?

PCR(pos-consumer recycled) materials, for instance, our daily waste plastic bottle, writing paper, milk jugs, Amazon boxes. We use them in our proudct, like plastic back boards of clock, packing paper. All the waste gain their second life.

Our Sustainability Vision 2025 Goals

Our amazing teams of Product Development and Packaging Engineers will lead Yingzi reach the goal that:

● 10%(or more) less packaging materials.
● 25% of products part made by PCR (pre-comsumer recycled) materials.
● 50% of all packaging material PCR/recyclable/compostable.
● Building our sustainable supply chain, including logistic, storage, transportation, distribution etc.

We want be part of the zero-waste revolution, togher with our valued customers. We are stepping boldly into a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations to come.