Create new IP and enable industrial tourism ——Fujian Haisi Clock Museum

Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of the first watch museum in the province in 2016 in order to give full play to the business foundation of the watch industry for many years and actively respond to the call to promote industrial tourism. In December 2016, Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd. was successfully rated as "Fujian Provincial Sightseeing Factory". Fujian Haisi Clock Museum is a large-scale theme sightseeing factory, which is based on Zhangzhou's profound clock industry foundation, supplemented by "clock culture" as the theme entry point, integrates cultural creativity and characteristic tourism, and strives to build Fujian's only tourism+culture+industry with clock culture as the theme.

As industrial tourism has gradually attracted the attention of the public, the company, based on its own industrial characteristics, fully combines the industrial heritage, breaks the convention from the aspects of display content and display mode, and reasonably uses resources to innovate the exhibition design of the museum in combination with industrial production (heritage) plant space, production process, characteristic products, etc., so as to enhance the interactive experience of the audience; Secondly, according to the characteristics of the product, set up the corresponding watch DIY experience activities, and make use of several easy to operate links in the industrial production process to create a new cultural tourism IP project, enabling industrial tourism. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the qualification of scenic spots, effective development has been achieved in the construction of cultural and tourism IP:

1. Firmly promote and strengthen the construction of scenic spots

(1) China Watch Culture and Art Research Center was established in Fujian Haisi Clock Museum. It creates a favorable platform for the exchange and dissemination of Chinese watch culture, and also provides beneficial conditions for the promotion of watch culture. It aims to deepen the research and dissemination of Haisi culture, and determine the world status of Zhangzhou clocks and watches through various documents and favorable data. In December 2019, it was officially approved as the "National Industrial Design Center", and in October 2020, it was awarded as the "Top 10 Cultural Enterprises" in Fujian Province.

In May 2020, it won the title of "Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base" in Fujian Province.

(2) Continuously improve the supporting facilities of the scenic spot, and deeply explore the close connection and historical origin between "Haisi" and "clockwork art". Strengthen the construction of the museum, and it was approved as a "National AAA Tourist Attraction" in December 2020.

(3) Jointly build the Haisi Culture Lecture Hall with Minnan Normal University, dig deeply into Haisi culture, enrich the transmission mode of Haisi culture, and improve the popularity of Haisi clock culture.

(4) Since its opening, the scenic spot has received more than 60 overseas countries, including research groups from Southeast Asia, European and American countries and other countries along the Belt and Road, opening the door for friends around the world to know the world of clocks. In December 2020, the Base was officially approved as the "Zhangzhou Research and Practice Education Base for Primary and Middle School Students", and in December 2021, it was officially approved as the "Fujian Research and Practice Education Base for Primary and Middle School Students".

(5) To enrich the historical details and cultural levels of the Haisi watch culture, Su Song, the founder of the world's watches, creates a series of cultural and creative IP products by digging deep into historical stories and cultural details.

2. Curriculum based time management

(1) According to the organizational planning of the time management course, Fujian Haisi Clock Museum serves as a provincial and municipal research and practical education base. Set up time management courses to improve children's sense of time. We should integrate time management curriculum into research activities, make full use of social practice courses, and cultivate young people's time management concepts. It also co founded "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Off campus Base" and "School Enterprise Cooperation Training Base" with the School of Arts and Business of Minnan Normal University.

(2) Planning of research activities, making full use of winter and summer vacation time, and carrying out time management winter camp&summer camp activities. Integrate time regimen, tradition, dance, etc. into all links of research activities to improve the time management ability of young people.

3. Extend time culture and create Internet celebrity IP

(1) The IP image system of the museum clock culture enhances the identity of the Haisi Clock Museum in Fujian Province. At the same time, the museum's IP image expression pack was launched, which was popular with tourists and had a high utilization rate.

(2) The scenic spot was awarded the provincial sightseeing factory in 2016. It has continuously studied the cultural and creative fields, and has successively developed many products. Up to 10 million pieces of single popular products have been sold. Now, the scenic spot is actively developing cultural and creative products of Zhangzhou clocks and watches, so as to improve citizens' recognition of clock culture.

(3) A new supporting restaurant, Cuckoo Exotic Time Restaurant integrated with time elements, gives more ways to show time and let visitors taste the taste of time.

(4) The "Healthy Time Concept" public welfare micro film was shot to promote a positive and healthy time concept and advocate people to have a healthy lifestyle.

Post time: Sep-11-2022